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Willingham Primary School

WPS Offsite Learning Hub

Welcome to our Offsite Learning Hub! 

Our remote learning policy has been signed off by both the Local Authority and the Governing Body of the school and is available in full below.

Our strategy can be broadly categorised into catering for three potential scenarios. In the order of what we believe to be the most likely to happen at any given time:

  1. A small number of pupils self-isolating (either with symptoms; with someone in their household with symptoms; or as a result of contact with a positive case), whilst the teacher and the rest (or most of the rest) of the class are being taught on site. Or full class pods are closed and the teacher has been re-allocated to another class/pod during the school day.
  2. A whole year group pod closed due to a Covid outbreak or instruction from National or Local Authority guidance.
  3. The whole school closed during a full national lockdown.

In preparation for scenario one, we are producing daily, progressive lesson materials and activities on Microsoft Teams that are uploaded and available at the start of each week. The lessons will include a range of school-created powerpoints, links to National Oak Academy lessons and other online lessons. These resources will closely match the units being taught in school. There will be a two-week block of English lessons that can be used at any time across a half-term, that will either focus on the text being used in the class or on fundamental grammatical knowledge, key to the units being taught in school. For all other subjects, the content will be updated every Monday for any isolating pupils and pupils should start from whatever day they begin their isolation. If they are struggling, then you can always go back to previous days’ lessons to support. All completed work should be photographed and uploaded to Teams, where teachers will read and acknowledge receipt of the work. As we do in school, if teachers notice significant misconceptions in the work produced, they will feedback and provide extra support, either through personal feedback, through signposting to further online content or by providing extra practice materials to ensure that the knowledge is understood fully and embedded in their memory.

In scenario two, the content provided online will be further bespoke and the contact between pupils and teachers will be increased, with weekly small group (6-8 pupils) Zoom sessions to check-in with pupils, alongside more WPS-specific curriculum content. This will include the use of WPS-created Loom videos, narrated Powerpoints and YouTube videos. Contact through Teams between pupil and teacher will also increase, with the teachers available during the day to answer and respond to questions and concerns.

The delivery of our remote learning offer is heavily dependent on access to devices and the internet at home. We have tried incredibly hard to make what we offer accessible on as many device types as possible and by giving each child a home learning book, we are hopeful that all pupils can be supported. However, if your child(ren) is(are) at home isolating but well at any time and you do not have the technology to access the provision, please do not hesitate to contact us as we may be able to help in other ways.

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