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2018 - The royal Albert hall

It's that time of year again when the choir are getting ready for their next trip to the Royal Albert Hall. 

Here are some links to help you to practise some of the songs that we are learning:

City of Stars - La La Land             Home for Christmas             Moving Along         Four Days to Go

Celebrate!                                      Think of You                            Home                      An Amazing Christmas

Shopping Bags                             Living in a Box                        What Can You Do?     Streets are Buzzing

What Happens?                           The Greatest Show                From Now On           A Million Dreams

La La Land - Audition Song (Fools who Dream)                      La La Land Someone in the Crowd

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find the Frozen Medley too! 


2017 - The Royal Albert Hall

On Wednesday, 1st November, the choir performed at The Royal Albert Hall as a part of the Barnardo’s Young Supporters concert. Our choir joined with 41 other schools to make one impressive choir of 1300 children. 

It it was an early start that day; in school at 7.00 am and off to London by 7.20. Upon arrival, everyone was impressed by the amazing venue. From the outside it looked fantastic, from the inside, it was stunning! At 11.20 the rehearsals began, led by the conductor and composer of many of the songs we were going to sing; Douglas Coombes MBE. We played lots of vocal warm up games, as well as rehearsing the song so for that evening’s performance. This was our first opportunity to hear what all of the different vocal parts sounded like together and the result was glorious! Especially as we were accompanied by Trevor, who played the huge organ that is so prominent at The Royal Albert Hall.

It was during the rehearsals that Mrs Sutton became the star teacher of the show! The conductor singled her out to lead the whole choir for the arm actions to one of the songs - thank goodness she didn’t crack under the pressure!



We had a break for lunch, where we headed to The Albert Memorial for some fresh air. The children enjoyed seeing this amazing monument, as well as cheering on the players of a game of street roller-hockey that was taking place nearby.

We headed back inside for more rehearsals, before having tea and getting our smart, new t-shirts on, ready for our big moment.

We were all feeling a bit nervous as we headed to our places for the concert, but we were very excited, especially when we spotted lots of familiar faces in the audience!

The singing sounded beautiful and all of the Willingham choir performed brilliantly and were a real credit to the school. Throughout the evening, there were also performances from two dance schools; The Adele Stitch School of Dance and Pineapple Performing Arts. The dancers were all amazing and the children all enjoyed watching them and clapping along with the music!












The last song was Land of Hope and Glory, where all of the children waved their flags with great enthusiasm, at the end of a day that will stay with them for a lifetime. 


The exhausted singers then boarded the coach for the long drive home. It wasn’t long before many of the children fell into a happy, but weary sleep! We finally arrived home just before midnight. The day had been long and tiring, but also very inspirational and uplifting.

Thank you to all of the adults who helped with all of the preparation for this trip and who came and were invaluable on the day. Also a big thank you to all of the choir members who have worked so hard in rehearsals at school in the build up to the concert and who represented the school brilliantly on the day. It was an incredible event and one which hopefully we can take part in again in the future.